Innovating Membership Fees

Times have changed, and we are changing with them.

15 years ago if you wanted to start martial arts you pulled out the yellow pages or found a print ad in a local paper and called for information.  Now, by the time people call us they have generally been through our website, know our schedule, know our fees, seen videos of us, read reviews from others about us and have most of that information already.

15 years ago standard practice in the martial arts and other businesses with similar models was to not talk about price at all until you came in and tried it… this doesn’t work so well with the current state of information.

Worse was the practice of disguising fees.  There would be a monthly fee… and once you agreed to that you get told about the mandatory equipment package, and after that the required testing fees every 2-3 months.

There where a lot of reasons schools started these practices.  It lets you get a commitment on a lower price before adding in all the extra costs.  Sort of like buying a car… you agree on a price then you get all sorts of extra fees, or a cell phone contract that ends up with all sorts of extra monthly and activation fees.

Another reason was 3rd party billing companies where very common, and they operate on a percentage of fees collected.  So any extra fees didn’t lose that percentage.  It also made family discounts different as those fees did not get a discounted rate.

We’ve never done testing fees, it might make our monthly rate a little higher then if we did, but overall costs and monthly budgetting are more important in our eyes.

But we’ve taken it one step farther now, and developed a all-inclusive fee structure!

This makes monthly budgetting super simple.  All equipment is provided to you, as yours as you need it.  If it wears out or is outgrown, we replace it.  No hidden fees. No surprise costs.  Your monthly fee is your monthly fee.  If you have 3 kids in our program and they all hit growth spurts at the same time your monthly cost doesn’t spike that month to replace everything.

We also have no term contracts.  You don’t have to commit to a year or any set length.  We operate on simple ongoing memberships with a straight 30-days notice to cancel at any time.  Simple, easy and no surprises 🙂

The biggest complaints we hear from parents about kids activities of all sorts are long commitments and extra fees.  Whether they are outfits and event fees in dance, testing & equipment in martial arts or all the extra costs of sports like hockey.  We’ve done away with all of them, everything.  What you see is what you pay, every month.

Check out our website for full details 🙂