Happy New Year!

2018 – Where we are and what’s coming

2017 is over, and it’s been a great year. So let’s start with a little review…

We where given the Top Choice Award for best martial arts school in Winnipeg for 2017, and in a few days we hope to get it again for 2018

Our Birthday Parties exploded… We did more parties in the last 3 months of 2017 then we did in all of 2016. Why? Because we decided to take the birthday party experience to the next level.

Our spring / summer camps ran more weeks then ever!

We changed our kids membership options to “all inclusive” memberships based on feedback from our parents. This meant all equipment, special events and more was included in the monthly fees keeping things nicely balanced for easy budgeting.

Our adult program, which has been a heavy no-gi (uniform) grappling program for years brought in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ranks and uniforms to allow a more in depth program.

Lindsay has moved from coming in to help out with events and camps to full time… oh, and we got engaged

We’ve built some great relationships with local schools, business and even the Children’s Museum

So looking into 2018… what’s coming?

Our adult BJJ program is going to explode. Seriously, every program we’ve focused on from preschoolers to camps to birthday parties we’ve exploded. Adult BJJ is one of the big missing pieces and 2018 will put that program up their with our other offerings.

Our kids program is going to relaunch a leadership program in a completely new and improved format. We’ve had so many graduates of our kids program move on to do amazing things in leadership roles, including becoming some of our top staff members over the years. Coming soon we will be inviting several of our top performers into a new leadership program to teach them our approach to leadership and coaching.

More public content. Social media is something we want to start pushing even more content too. We are very proud of what we do, and while we probably have put out more content through our Facebook, instagram and blog then most schools, we want to really blow it up. So make sure you keep your eyes open, we have some really cool stuff coming down the pipe.

We have a name to live up too, and the entire martial arts world has been flipped on it’s head in the past few years. In 1994 Royce Gracie choked out Dan Severn in a triangle choke from guard (bottom) and no one knew what had happened. Now “Triangle Choke” returns 159,000 results on youtube including instructional content from 100’s of instructors. 20 years ago most instructors viewed our knowledge as secret and privileged, advanced stuff taught behind closed doors only. Those days are over… not just in the martial arts but in everything.

Now, thanks to the internet knowledge is free, its everywhere. You can learn anything for free at any time. Our roles have changed, we are not sources of information anymore, but sources of curation and coaching. Martial arts instructors can no longer hide behind mysticism and lack of knowledge of their students, we have to be better.

Not just in our classes, but everywhere. 20 years ago the biggest yellow page ad won in a community. Instructors controlled all the information that came out about them and what they did. Now google and Facebook reviews can tell a story that can’t be controlled.

Join us in 2018, we are going to keep stepping up our game and shaking up the martial arts world.

And keep an eye our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/innovativemartialartswinnipeg We have some cool stuff about to go down there