Transparency in Pricing

I’m not going to lie, we did listen to this advice once upon a time, but to be honest it felt wrong then.

But there is a “standard” practice in the martial arts and other related industries to not tell you the price until you give them something. Whether it is coming in to talk in person, a email address or something.

The logic is reasonable in some sense, or at least it was at one point.

The basic idea is people are often price shoppers, so unless you are the cheapest you have to show them the value of what you do before showing them the price. And unfortunately if you are the cheapest it is impossible to deliver the best product and trying to do so will put you out of business fast. There is no product or service where you can deliver the best option while being the cheapest. The best car is going to cost more to make then the price of a cheap car by far.

In other words if I call around and ask a bunch of places the price of a tv and they all give me prices but nothing else I’ll go with the cheapest. But, some of those tv’s where 13” CRT’s and others 60” LED’s and everything in the middle with good brands and poor brands all mixed in.

But something changed, and that was the internet.

Back when the only information you could find on a school was the yellow page ad without actually going in this practice made a little more sense. Now however you can find videos, blogs, reviews, in depth websites, and more on pretty much any school.

You can find out a lot about any school without speaking to anyone nowadays. The schools themselves lost control over the information that goes out about them. This is a good thing for everyone, it makes us up our game and it put all the places that hooked you into long term contracts with shady sales tactics and collections enforcement out of business.

Our prices are all available publicly, as is pretty much anything else we get asked about. We aren’t the cheapest, we couldn’t do what we do if we tried to be. And we are also trying to put as much public content about our school and what we do out there as well.