Getting busy

It’s funny, I’ve spoken with many industry experts and been warned several times that there is a turbulence point in a growing school.  A couple actually, and never really gave it too much thought.  But, I guess it’s time to learn that lesson and pay more attention.

The first was when we where passing 50 members, which is right about the point I had to stop doing everything on my own.  We got busy enough that between having a full time job and running the gym things got tricky.

The next one I was told would start around 100-120 members…  thats the one we are coming out of.  The point where running the gym stops being a single person effort (with a assistant at times) and becomes a team effort.

Over the summer we had a few classes where our instructor / student ratio was not even close to what it should be.  Those days where interesting.  But, we have a name to live up to and it’s time to innovate!

We are happy to announce Julene has returned to the floor after a brief break.  Next week we should have one additional member starting, and we are looking to likely have one more ready to go within the next few weeks.

With more staff on the floor we will refining our class structure to take into account the larger class sizes we’ve been seeing lately.

It’s really exciting for us, each step along the way introduces not new challenges, but new opportunities to improve and deliver a better and higher quality service.  Prior to moving into our current location we had a funny shaped gym with half the mat space, no office, no lobby, far less equipment and some old and worn mats.

It got crowded…  It was an not ideal situation for a little while at the end.  But it gave us the ability to move to our new space, which any of the long time members will tell you is a massive improvement.

So please forgive the turbulence, we’re remodelling into something even better.  We’ve gotten big enough to take that next step over the last few months, and it’s going to be great 🙂