Taking it to youtube…

One of our current projects is to take our entire curriculum and get it recorded, uploaded and available to everyone.

This is something that isn’t all too common in the martial arts, especially styles like ours that are heavy in techniques…

Anyways, I’d encourage all active members to subscribe to our channel, over the next few weeks we will be getting all of the White through Green Belt material up that we will be working on until the next graduation in June 🙂

Once we hit that point we’ll be putting everything into playlists based on rank and program, So you’ll get a list of exactly which techniques are required for the current curriculum cycle.

If you haven’t seen it yet our channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/InnovativeMartialArtsWinnipeg Make sure to subscribe 😉

In addition to the kids curriculum we also put up videos from parent’s night events, graduations, exercise tips, nutrition info, etc. We only started pushing the youtube page less then a month ago, and it’s taking off quite nicely.

Eventually our goal is to tie the youtube videos directly into our attendance software, and give everyone access to their profile from home, so you’ll know exactly what to work on and when. Anyways, SUBSCRIBE! That’s youtube’s currency 😀