Curriculum Structure

In the last couple posts I’ve been talking about what is important to us in our school. We touched on age appropriate classes and safety. To continue that theme this time I want to talk about curriculum.


In any school the curriculum is the product, it’s the main focus of what we do. For that reason we believe it should be well structured and everyone should know exactly what they need to work on and are expected to know at each step of the way.

For this reason we developed a system where each student has full access to the curriculum requirements they are expected to learn at their current level. This is visible to them every day when they sign into class, along with their full attendance records (which are also assigned a A to F letter grade based on frequency… if your attendance is getting a low grade, chances are you’re falling behind on curriculum as well and we need to work together to make things up)

In addition everyone can access this information from home, showing exactly what techniques they are expected to know for their next belt along with video tutorials for those techniques.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.22.52 PM

This is our own software powering this, unfortunately we couldn’t find anything like this in the market already, but our name says “Innovative” so we had to live up to it and develop the software powering this ourselves. Something we will be releasing to other schools in the future 🙂

Bottom line is we are a school, and as such we feel that all martial arts schools owe it to their students to have a well defined curriculum showing them exactly what is expected of them and when.

This all ties in with goal-setting and transparency.  You can’t set goals without set requirements and seeing day-to-day progress towards completion of those requirements.