Super Show Recap

In case you missed it, me and Lindsay spent last week in Vegas for the Martial Arts SuperShow ūüôā

The SuperShow is the martial arts industries largest event, with over 2000 instructors and school owners you can’t go very far in the MGM without seeing someone in a martial arts shirt.

This year we shared the dates with a dance event of some sort… ¬†The amount of makeup and hair pulled so tight I think it pulls on there brains applied to 5-10 year old girls was mildly frightening.

Anyways, back to us.

We arrived on Monday, and after a very lengthy wait for a shuttle to the hotel (back to cabs next year) we arrived to the massive line up at check in.  This began our participation in the least appealing thing in Vegas, the line ups.

About an hour later we made it to the front desk and got checked in.¬†This is my 5th year at the SuperShow, and the previous 4 where held in the Venetian. ¬†MGM is nice, but it’s not quite on the Venetians level when it comes to the rooms we had.

Quick stop in the room and right out the door and across the street to the Excaliber. ¬†We went there to see “Tournament of Kings”, a medieval / King Arthur themed diner and show where knights from different countries competed in a tournament under King Arthur.

Dinner was a chicken. ¬†Not wings, or breasts, or any part of a chicken. ¬†It was a chicken, a whole chicken. ¬†Served with potatoes and broccoli. ¬†Utensils hadn’t been invented yet, so none of those.

The show was great, and very kid friendly. ¬†The entrance to the theatre has you line up (so many lineups…) in a kid friendly arcade kinda like a chuck-e-cheese.

The servers on the other hand could use some work…

As we sat we where served “Medieval Pepsi”, yes, they actually called it that. ¬†Nothing else to drink. ¬†Food came out alright, but it took until half way through the show before a server even took orders for drinks other then the Pepsi, not even water was out.

I’d recommend the show, especially if you are looking for something to do with kids, just don’t expect drinks to show up until you’re meal is done and cleared and the show is half over.

Day 2

On Tuesday the event began, but not until after a trip to the pool deck. ¬†If you’ve never been to Vegas there is not a hotel pool… there is a hotel pool collection in the bigger hotels. ¬†The MGM had 6.5 acres of pools.

Back to the important stuff,

It kicked off with opening the trade show floors, some demonstrations by Team Paul Mitchell (Yes, the hair company, it sponsors them). ¬†We posted a couple videos of that on our instagram account. ¬†Cool stuff, and impressive to watch. ¬†But not something I ever want to do, lots of unnecessary screaming and not in the slightest bit practical with a 20 year old being considered “old”.

Food, drinks, meet and greet, then off to another line up for the opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremony was pretty cool. ¬†Kicked off with Ernie Reyes World Action team doing a demo. ¬†Ernie Reyes Sr unfortunately couldn’t make it as he was in the hospital. ¬†Didn’t stop him from throwing a few kicks in his hospital gown down the hall with his IV in tow from the hospital. ¬†At 69 years old he’s usually out there jumping and flipping around with his team and has a build that would make most 20 year olds jealous.

Some speeches, a magic show and a lifetime achievement award to the Gracie family accepted by Carlson Jr, Rickson and Renzo and it’s time for the keynote presenter. ¬†This year it was Jon Taffer, of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue doing it.

After giving a summary of what he does with Bar’s on his show (and yes, it is real and all happens in 5 days) he went into his speech. ¬†Hearing him apply some of his systems and philosophies to the martial arts world was pretty cool.

Day 3

The main chunk of the event is a series of seminars, at any given time there are 4 seminars going on in different conference rooms connected to the main trade show floor.

These cover every possible subject, from marketing to integrating technology into teaching to managing a class to customer service to learning styles.

After spending the day in seminars we got taken out to dinner by Joe Galea, president of Member Solutions. ¬†A group of about 30 of us got together at “Hecho en Vegas”, a Mexican themed restaurant which was very tasty ūüôā

From there to Cirque du Soleil’s Ka. ¬†If in Vegas, see this show, it will blow your mind. ¬†Seriously, see this show.

Day 4

More seminars! ¬†By the end of the day the energy level is definitely lower… ¬†it might only be 3 days, but it’s a lot of information to take in over those 3-days.

After the event we decided to spend the last night there in and order room service, the 6am wake up to catch a flight wasn’t seeming too appealing.

Anyways, themes this year where largely around technology and how it’s changing our industry and applying service concepts from other industries (Taffer being the Keynote speaker)

Great trip, learnt lots, had a blast. ¬†Look forward to going back again next year already ūüôā

Anyways, best thing you can ever invest in is yourself. ¬†And when investing in yourself takes you on a trip to Vegas it’s just a bonus ūüėČ