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Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening

It’s really basic stuff, but easy to forget. Teens need a place to belong, and something to belong too. And there is a period in there where it’s sometimes hard to fine. If they don’t find it in a productive and healthy place, it’s easy to find in a unhealthy place.

Kids hit a age where they feel they should be more independent then they are able too, where there is a gap in between being a “kid” and being able to work and gain independence. I think the best thing that can be done at this age is to keep them involved in something outside of school and to help them find a way to feel they bring value to something.

I’ll start Monday…

I'll start next Monday...


We humans are natural procrastinators… we like to plan to start things we really don’t want to do later.  Maybe Monday, or the First of the month… or maybe for New Years, after the holidays.

Of course when those days come around we still won’t want to do it. If it was something we wanted to do we’d already be doing it.  So Monday comes around, then it’s Tuesday… then it’s might was well just start Monday as the week is half over already.

The difference between success and failure is action.  Start now, not tomorrow, not next week, not after the holidays.  If you want something start now.  The time will never be perfect, you’re probably never going to run out of reasons not too.  But by starting, even if imperfectly, at least you are moving forward.  And as long as you are moving forward you’ll get somewhere.

Start and stay committed to continuing, even when you might not want to.  That’s the secret to succeeding in so many things.

How to Wrap Your Hands

I did a series of pictures years ago, but figured a video might be more useful.  So here it is, how to wrap your hands for class:

Good wraps are also important, they protect your hands and lengthen the life of your gloves.  The short ones available at big box stores aren’t going to give the same level of comfort and support as a good pair :)

Minecraft Night!

Minecraft Night was a blast!

We completely filled this event and unfortunately had to close registrations… In JULY.

We built, defended, and battled it out with more then 150 boxes to build forts and other creations.

For the first half of the night we where in “survival mode” with the kids having a time limit to build up there defences to deal with various hostile MOB attacks, followed by a pizza break. We then did a build off, where the kids had to build various creations out of the blocks as quickly as they could and then a final battle between two teams and two fortresses.

Here is a video from the event:

Innovative Martial Arts Receives Prestigious Mark of Excellence Award



In recognition of its dedication to quality martial art instruction and community involvement, Innovative Martial Arts has been recognized with the Mark of Excellence Award from Century Martial Arts, one of the most respected organizations in the industry.

Innovative Martial Arts was part of a select few to receive the distinguished Mark of Excellence Award for 2015, the highest honor bestowed by Century Martial Arts. Not only has Innovative Martial Arts served the community as a whole, but they have also had an exceptionally positive impact on individuals by dedicated so much to their students’ development in both martial arts and everyday life. “At Century our core belief is that martial arts has the ability to profoundly change lives,” said Century Martial Arts founder and CEO, Michael Dillard. “And that is exactly what Innovative Martial Arts is doing — changing lives for the betterment of their community.”

Andrew Green accepted the Mark of Excellence Award on behalf of the school at The Gold Event on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at The Lavo Lounge in The Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas. The event was part of the Martial Arts SuperShow, the world’s largest martial art industry tradeshow and educational event hosted by The Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA). Innovative Martial Arts, as a martial arts leader in the community with the latest trends and staff development instruction, is a regular attendee of the SuperShow.

“I am honored that Century has recognized my school for our commitment to martial arts,” Andrew Green said. “The true test of any instructor is the impact made on students’ lives, and it is incredibly rewarding to receive such positive feedback from the industry.”

# # #

For more information about the Mark of Excellence Award, please contact Century Martial Arts. To learn more about the Martial Arts SuperShow, visit

About Innovative Martial Arts

Innovative Martial Arts is located in Winnipeg, MB at 558 Keenleyside St and teaches martial arts to students of all ages. To learn more about Innovative Martial Arts, call 204-505-2787 or visit 

About Century Martial Arts

Based in Oklahoma City, Century Martial Arts is the world leader in martial art products and the largest manufacturer and distributor of individual contact sports equipment. Century has sold products to support martial arts, mixed martial arts, boxing and kickboxing throughout the world for nearly 40 years. Additionally, Century is the exclusive provider of UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship®) fight gear. For more information, visit or call (800) 626-2787.

About Martial Arts Industry Association

Since 2001, the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) has been the world’s most innovative and creative martial arts business association. It was established with one simple mission: Grow the martial art industry, one school at a time. Through their expert business consulting services, MAIA is proudly raising industry standards of professionalism in teaching, curriculum, education, techniques, methods, safety, and communication. For more information, visit or call (866) 626-6226.

“I Want to Quit” – 7 Tips To Teach Your Child About Commitment

One of the most frustrating things many parents find is getting their child to stay committed to something. As adults we learnt that commitment is perhaps the most important key to success, and by making it a habit early in life we can set a child on a path that will take them wherever they want to go.

But children tend to not have a long term vision in that regard, they act in the now, and “now” they don’t want to do it anymore, they want to play video games.

The first thing to remember is that this is natural, for kids and adults. Any activity that is challenging will at times leave them wanting to give up.

The second thing is to address the problem before it is a problem. We are often guilty of talking about strong character only when weak character is displayed. We talk about respect when a child is being disrespectful and about fairness when a child isn’t playing fair. The secret is to discuss Character before it is a issue, and to recognize, point out and praise good character traits.


Here are some tips for teaching children to stay committed:

1. Teach it before it becomes a issue: Respect for commitment and hard work should never be forgotten. Small things like recognizing that it was commitment and hard work that allowed the child to do something they couldn’t do before can go a long way. Teach your child to set goals and to put a plan in action to achieve them.

2. Reach out for Assistance: Messages become stronger when they are heard from many voices. We are not all experts in everything, and there are experts at building strong character that can be drawn on. Look for a organization that uses a systemized curriculum for teaching character that is in line with your values.

3. A Goal Should not be the end: In the martial arts we have a built in goal setting system with coloured belts. But a black belt is not the end of the line, it is the front gate to the amusement park, you want to work hard to get there, but you don’t turn around and drive home as soon as you get there.

4. Don’t over schedule: Children need downtime, just like adults. If they are doing too many things they may end up wanting to do nothing.

5. Make it visual: Goals that are seen are easier to achieve. When a child sees others riding a bike it will be easier to stay motivated to learn to do so. If you can find a way to keep the goal in front of your child they are more likely to stay motivated.

6. Find out why: If a child wants to quit find out the reason. It may be something serious, it may be something minor. But if you don’t find out the reason you will never know if it could have been dealt with. Commitments should be kept, and teaching a child to deal with hurdles is far better then teaching a child to quit when obstacles arise.

7. Look at the real problem: I’ve often heard a story that goes like this: “My child loves the class when he is here, but when its time to leave the house he doesn’t want to go.” The question to ask then is what are they doing when it is time to leave? If they are playing video games they are being asked to stop doing something fun in order to drive, which is not fun, before doing something else that is fun. Try getting the child to do something else 15 minutes before it is time to leave. If they are cleaning their room when it is time to leave they will be ready and out the door in no time.

Commitment and quitting are both habits that we develop early in life. A child must learn to follow through when they commit, even when things get hard. As a parent you know this, and your child will look to you for guidance. We must be sure to teach them that hard work and perseverance are necessary to achieve goals and be successful.